MyTherapyConsult.com is the premier provider of physical, occupational and speech therapy live video-feed telehealth consultations. Within each respective discipline exists areas of specialization that require additional education and training. Specializations include, but are not limited to, orthopedics, pediatrics, hand therapy, geriatrics, neurology, sports, and family practice.

If you wish to request a specialty, please enter that request into your search criteria. If you are not sure which specialty may be most appropriate for you, the clinicians reviewing the cases will refer and/or direct clients to the most appropriate specialty. 

Search for Specialists Now

The first step is to check our "Where We Serve" tab to find out if MyTherapyConsult.com is currently offering services within your region. When you click on your state, a drop down menu should appear listing the clinicians that are currently available to provide consultations. You may also search for a specific clinician by name, by discipline, and/or by specialization. Just enter the necessary information into your search criteria.