Receive initial consultations and follow up sessions for no more than your average co-pay!

Initial Consult - $33.95 for your personalized consultation (initial 15 minutes). 

(Additional charges will apply at a discounted rate if your consultation time exceeds 15 minutes. An additional $23.95 charge will be applied for each additional 15 minute time increment beyond your initial 15 minutes of consultation time. This additional charge is prorated based on the actual number of minutes your consultation time takes. However, MTC is dedicated to keeping the cost down to our clients. Therefore, our clinicians work very hard to be efficient, and will make every effort to minimize consultation times to 20 minutes. This equates to an average consultation fee of $41/session. Despite this goal, MTC assures you that our clinicians will take the time necessary to conduct a thorough assessment and insure quality care.)

Follow Up Appointments - $24.95 for each 15 minute time increment.

Billing is based on your case/file review time, video consultation time and any additional time invested by your clinician to organize your customized self-treatment plan. Our goal is to keep follow up sessions to no more than 20-30 minutes time. 

Occupational therapy and speech therapy consultations will require a prescription. We advise you to contact your insurance provider and inquire about reimbursement for this service. If you submit the invoice along with an appropriate CPT code to your insurance provider you may receive partial or full reimbursement for this service. MTC will provide the appropriate CPT code with your invoice.