Live Video Feed Consultations With Physical, Occupational And Speech Therapy Specialists

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Step 1:

Request a consult


Step 2:

Connect with a clinical specialist for an assessment


Step 3:

Receive assessment feedback and self treatment plan

Who We Are and What We Do


Who we are is a consortium of physical, occupational, and speech therapists (PTs, OTs, SLPs) with specialization in their respective fields, who are dedicated to the delivery of affordable quality healthcare.

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What we do is the premier provider of physical, occupational and speech-language pathology (PT, OT, SLP) via telehealth consultation services. We connect clinical specialists with individuals using live video feed, from anywhere, to anywhere. Our clinicians perform one-on-one consultations, provide guidance on recommended healthcare services and customized self treatment plans. In addition to individual consultations, our clinicians provide consultations for children or loved ones that are dependent on your care and support.

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Explore Our Testimonials

The future of therapy is here.

Below are testimonials about, our therapists and services provided. We value your feedback and encourage each of our clients to participate. Constructive feedback will be embraced and used to continuously work toward perfecting what we do.


With MTC I was able to consult with a physical therapist on my own time. I applied the treatment plan provided which resolved my knee pain before my big race!  



I was able to quickly access a specialist to assess my leg pain, without leaving the comfort of my home. I was also able to schedulre direct care with my therapist.



This is a great service. Convenient and affordable. The self treatment plan significantly improved my neck pain symptoms within a couple of days. 

Thanks MTC! 



An injury derailed my training for the Boston Marathon. Thanks to the self treatment plan consultation provided by MyTC I was able to get back on track in just 6 weeks!




A hand specialist from MTC set me up with a splint and very effective treatment plan to address tendintis in my elbow. I saved a lot of time and money.